More Work Ahead in New York Before Drilling Begins

Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin (Oct 7):
Much more work ahead

An editorial in the Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin, no doubt written in part by Tom Wilbur, anti-drilling shill for the eco-nut groups. It acknowledges what MDN has already noted: The New York DEC is interested in pushing forward with responsible drilling in New York, eco-nut groups are not. The battle is only beginning. Landowners need to write and call and make their voices heard on the proposed drilling regulations.

  • metroart

    I think your characterization of gas drilling opponents as “shills” and “eco-nuts” is a disgrace. How do you expect to be taken seriously if you use such

  • Jim

    Thank you for your comment–all views happily accepted on MDN. I choose my language very carefully. I use the word shill because it is transparently obvious that Mr. Wilbur is not representing both sides nor even attempting to cover the pro-drilling point of view. I use eco-nuts because the organizations that oppose drilling are adamant and complete in their desire–no drilling whatsoever under any circumstances ever. Their viewpoint is childish and a fantasy and I am pointing that out. It is “nuts”.

    On the other hand, perhaps you have a point in that good and honest people may have concerns and oppose drilling–my quarrel is not with them. I am happy to discuss and debate the pros and cons with reasonable people. The people I lambaste with my language are, in my opinion, not reasonable and never will be.