Engineering Firm in Luzerne County, PA is Hiring Engineers for Marcellus Drilling

Wilkes-Barre Times Leader (Feb 23)
Natural gas industry has engineering firm hiring

More jobs are coming to the Marcellus Shale region because of drilling activity. An engineering firm in Plains Township (Luzerne County), Pennsylvania is hiring:

Borton-Lawson has been advertising for seven engineering, design and surveyor positions. Chris Borton, company president, said the marketplace is unlike anything he’s seen in the 22 years since he and Tom Lawson teamed up.

“It’s a tough economy. There are still things that are going on out there,” said Borton on Tuesday.

The influx of companies exploring and drilling in the Marcellus Shale region has created work for Borton-Lawson and others. It’s opened a branch office in the Pittsburgh area.

  • Fred Zercher

    Though I have been retired some time now, my background might be of some value to Borton-Lawson.
    After spending a good share of my life in Engineering-Geology with degrees From Syracuse University, I owned and operated my own soil investigation firm in Syracuse and Allentown, Later, Ardaman & Asscociates in Orlando.If you are interested in Part time help, let me know, Otherwise, good luck in a very controversial endeavor.
    Fred Zercher

  • Jim

    Fred, I would encourage you to track down Borton-Lawson directly and give them a call. I don’t know if they read Marcellus Drilling News (although they should!).

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