EPA Director of Drinking Water Protection says States are “Doing a Good Job Already” Regulating Hydraulic Fracturing

Brad Gill, executive director of the Independent Oil & Gas Association of New York, recently responded to an article in The Buffalo News supporting regulation of hydraulic fracturing by the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Marcellus Drilling News considers the EPA proposal way out of line and a federal power grab that is unwarranted and illegal. Seems that Mr. Gill thinks so too. From his letter to the editor:

All processes related to natural gas exploration and extraction are regulated by the states which, because of their vast geological differences, can do a more thorough job. The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency would never be able to regulate these processes efficiently or cost-effectively. In fact, Steve Heare, director of EPA’s drinking water protection office, recently said states are “doing a good job already” regulating hydraulic fracturing, adding that there is no evidence that suggests the process contaminates water.*

Be sure to click through and read the rest of the letter. Great summary of why hydraulic fracturing is safe, and why drilling should move forward now.

*The Buffalo News (Mar 22) – Brad Gill: Hydraulic fracturing issues are already answered