While Albany Dithers on Marcellus Drilling, Landowner Profits Evaporate

George Phillips, a Republican candidate for the 22nd Congressional District in New York State, penned a viewpoint article in today’s Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin on the topic of drilling in the Marcellus Shale. In short, Mr. Phillips is pro-drilling while the man who currently holds that office, Maurice Hinchey (Democrat) is anti-drilling and supports federal government interference. While the article takes political aim at his opponent, Mr. Phillips makes strong arguments on why drilling should commence—now.

He closes his article with this:

But the window of opportunity may be closing. As more areas of the country move forward with plans to develop these types of resources, prices naturally fall as supply increases. This leaves our residents waiting, watching potential profits and opportunities evaporate as others reap these benefits while our government dithers.*

Ah yes, the dithering officials in Albany. Albany needs to move forward now. Other shale plays are becoming active, and the Pennsylvania Marcellus is red hot. If Albany drags on much longer with their obstruction of drilling, landowners will be the ones who suffer.

We also hope, along with Mr. Phillips, that the federal government (and Mr. Hinchey) stay out of states’ business.

*Binghamton Press & Sun Bulletin (Mar 8th) – Clear way for drilling

  • Nevetshnt

    Very well said. But the state would reap the benefits also. Pa. has been drilling now for 4 yrs. and look how much revenue it has generated for not just the landowners but jobs and the state is making a killing. These environuts in NYS are pathetic. I bet they turn up there thermostats when its cold and heat there hot tubs with Pa gas, Wake up you fools. Our state is going bankrupt.
    People are moving out of the state to find jobs. I bet if all the anti drilling environuts had large tracts of land they would be all for it. I am sure Gov. Cuomo didn’t hand back all the contributions he recieved from the big gas companies when he was running for office. Let the drilling begin so NYS can get out of the hole our elected officials have dug us into. Every day that hole grows deeper. If they keep going they will be the ones who hits gas first.