Talisman Energy Selling Conventional Gas Properties, Investing in Marcellus Shale Instead

Talisman Energy is selling off its conventional gas properties and shifting investment to shale gas properties:

Talisman Energy Inc, Canada’s No.4 independent oil and gas explorer, said on Wednesday it is boosting its U.S. shale gas holdings, as it reported an operating profit that trumped expectations.

Shale gas regions have emerged as the leading source of new natural gas supplies over the past few years, pushing up production of the fuel as new drilling techniques lower the cost of exploiting the massive reserves locked in the shale.

Talisman is selling off much of its conventional gas properties to concentrate on its shale holdings, with the bulk of its spending on the Marcellus shale region around Pennsylvania and the Montney region of northeastern British Columbia.*

*MSN/Reuters (May 5) – Talisman says shale strategy at turning point

  • Talisman is one on many majors trolling Europe for shale gas opportunities. http://www.shalegasforeurope reports that excitement is particularly high in Poland, where Talisman has a position

  • Jim

    Thanks Cladd. Very true. Talisman is investing in a big way in shale gas everywhere, not just the Marcellus. My interest, of course, is in the Marcellus aspects of what Talisman is doing. But you are right to point out the larger picture.