80,000 Fracked Wells in Ohio – Zero Groundwater Contamination

Looks like there’s about to be interest in drilling Marcellus shale gas wells in the Yellow Springs (Greene County), Ohio area from West Bay Exploration:

Last November, representatives from West Bay Exploration Company began taking seismic readings of the area north of the village to determine if fossil fuel reserves lay underground. Residents in Miami Township began receiving oil and gas drilling lease agreements last week.*

Wherever leasing and drilling start to happen, opposition arises, particularly to the method of drilling known as hydraulic fracturing (or “fracking”). So to give Ohioans some context about the safety of fracking:

Geologists at the Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Mineral Resources Management, which oversees fossil fuel drilling and fracking, maintain that no groundwater contamination has taken place in any of the 80,000 fracked wells in Ohio, and that strict state regulations mandate cement casing within a well to isolate underground aquifers from the fracking taking place several thousand feet below them. Also required are proper wastewater disposal and site remediation when wells stops producing.

*The Yellow Springs News (Feb 10) – Fracking concerns arise in village