Former BP Chief Executive Lord Browne Says Unconventional Gas is “A Game Changer”

“Unconventional gas,” or natural gas from sources that have traditionally not been used to provide natural gas, is increasingly a big deal. Not only here in the U.S., but in Europe and Asia as well. There has also been activity of late in Africa. Unconventional gas includes shale gas, like that found in the Marcellus Shale in the Eastern United States.

Former BP chief executive Lord Browne, now managing director of Riverstone Holdings, says this:

“Unconventional gas is proving to be a game changer in the oil and gas industry. In the space of just a few short years it has transformed the supply picture in North America and may do so again here in Europe. Building on the expertise and technological know-how developed in the North Sea, the UK is in a strong position to benefit from the potential growth in unconventional gas.”*

Countries around the world with unconventional gas sources—shale gas, coalbed methane and tight sands—are aggressively moving to tap those resources. Let’s hope it continues to be aggressively developed in the U.S.

*Oilvoice (Feb 16) – Unconventional Action on Horizon For UK Oil & Gas Technology Companies