Small Town in West Virginia Bans Marcellus Drilling Inside City Limits

The city of Lewisburg (Greenbrier County), WV, population 3,624 has banned “any further drilling” in the city limits with respect to the Marcellus Shale.

Lewisburg City Mayor John Manchester said Tuesday the city council passed two things concerning drilling from Marcellus Shale. The city of Lewisburg has banned any further drilling from Marcellus Shale into the city limits.

Also the city passed a resolution to protect citizens from any contaminated water from Marcellus Shale drilling.*

Of course, with only four drilling permits issued in Greenbrier County from January of 2010 through mid-February of 2011, and all of them for the Plum Creek Timberlands area, it’s a safe bet there was no drilling planned anywhere near the city limits of Lewisburg. That is, this is was simply political grandstanding on the part of Mayor Manchester and the city council.

Manchester said the resolution is in the states hands, “part of our resolution is to encourage the governor to call a special session to deal with these things and get them locked in so they’re all protected.”

Manchester said he will be reading the resolution concerning Marcellus Shale tomorrow in Charleston.*

*WVNS-TV (Mar 17, 2011) – Banning Marcellus Shale Drilling