Chesapeake, 14 Other Energy Companies Have Drilling Permits for Utica Shale in Ohio

More news coming in about the Utica Shale in Ohio:

Ohioans are rediscovering oil and natural gas in their own backyards, because of the potential of the Utica Shale deposits thousands of feet below the surface.

Thus far, only 10 Utica Shale wells have been drilled, with one of those a horizontal drill in Harrison County. The extent of the oil and gas in the area remains unproven, though current data from the Ohio Geological Survey suggests big potential.

So much so that Chesapeake Energy, an Oklahoma outfit that has 1 million acres in the Marcellus, is among 14 energy companies with drilling permits already in the Utica Shale.

“There’s going to be a lot of money involved here,” predicted Duane Deal, after listening to a presentation by Sordoni last week. Deal’s family has about 160 acres near Chandlersville. “It’s very interesting what’s going on here.”*

The counties mentioned in the article are Muskingum, Coshocton and Guernsey.

*Zanesville Times-Recorder (Apr 17, 2011) – Oil, gas leases could be hot topic in coming years