MDN Weekly Update – Jul 17, 2011

Poll resultsThe same poll has been live for the past two weeks and has garnered more votes than any other poll MDN has run previously:

Did NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo make the right decision in allowing Marcellus Shale drilling to begin?

Yes (62%, 287 Votes)
No (36%, 169 Votes)
Not sure (2%, 8 Votes)

Total Voters: 464

Not every voter in the poll lives in New York State. Perhaps the majority do not. There’s no way for me to know exactly. But still, the results (for those of us who favor safe drilling) are encouraging. A poll taken of only New York residents by Siena College (results released this past week) show that New Yorkers are pretty evenly split in their opinion of whether or not hydraulic fracturing is safe (see MDN’s coverage here).

Current Poll

On Friday of this past week, MDN highlighted a story of a grocery store chain that has built a new compressed natural gas (CNG) filling station for a small fleet of 10 new trucks they own with plans to expand that fleet. The same company also built a CNG filling station for the public, located in the Pittsburgh area. The interesting thing about that story was the price of the natural gas at the pump: $1.85 for the equivalent amount of a gallon of gasoline. The current national average for a gallon of gas is $3.67 (it was $2.72 just one year ago). At $1.85 for CNG, that’s half the cost of gasoline. And that’s the power of shale gas.

But it seems automobile manufacturers are more interested (at this point) in creating electric vehicles. There are a number of 100 percent electric vehicles available now, and even more hybrid vehicles—part electric, part gasoline. Only Honda makes a CNG car that’s commercially available, although there are a number of CNG trucks being manufactured.

MDN started musing, what if fueling or charging stations were not an issue? What would people actually prefer to drive? Electric? CNG? Hybrid? Stick with gas? So this week’s poll asks the question, “If fueling stations were widely available, which type of vehicle would you PREFER to drive?” The poll can be found on the right side of any page on the site.

Below are the most recent “top 5” lists and the calendar of Marcellus related events for the next few weeks.

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Five Most Viewed Stories This Past Week (Jul 10 – Jul 16)

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  2. XTO Energy (ExxonMobil) Invokes Force Majeure Clause in Contract with Deposit (NY) Landowner Coalition (7/11/11)
  3. Two New Gas Powered Electrical Plants on the Way in PA – $1.6 Billion Investment (7/14/11)
  4. NY Gov. Cuomo’s So-Called Friends Target His Girlfriend Sandra Lee in Fracking Fight (7/14/11)
  5. Methane Migration in Gas Drilling More Common in Northeast PA (7/11/11)

Five Most Viewed Stories Last 30 Days (Jun 16 – Jul 16)

  1. Chesapeake, 14 Other Energy Companies Have Drilling Permits for Utica Shale in Ohio (4/18/11)
  2. NY Local Governments Not Allowed to Ban Marcellus Drilling by State Law (7/4/11)
  3. PA’s Leading Marcellus Expert Makes Prediction on Where Drilling Will Start in NY (7/7/11)
  4. New York Times: Nightmare on Shale Gas Street (6/28/11)
  5. Shell’s Marcellus Shale Exploration & Drilling Strategy in PA – Drill the Edges First (7/12/11)

MDN Calendar (Jul 17 – Jul 30)

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