Maryland Landowners in Marcellus Shale Region – energyNOW! TV Show Wants to Speak with You

energyNOW! is a weekly half-hour television program on Bloomberg TV and ABC-7 in Washington DC covering energy and environmental stories. MDN recently received a request from energyNOW! producer Shawn Shepard to see if we can help locate landowners in Maryland willing to talk on-camera for an upcoming energyNOW! segment. Here is Shawn’s request:

I’m working on story about the development of the Marcellus Shale and the future of natural gas drilling. I’m looking for landowners in Maryland willing to talk on camera about their experiences thus far with leases and mineral development. Drilling is in full-tilt all over Pennsylvania and may slowly penetrate the New York region. With Maryland relatively new to the game, I’m interested to find out what landowners there think about future prospects. No doubt many have heard stories ranging from overnight riches to tales of environmental nightmares. I’d like to speak to Maryland landowners excited about the prospect of natural gas drilling as well as others that are hesitant.

If you’re a landowner in Maryland and willing to speak with Shawn about your views on drilling in the Marcellus Shale, contact him at:

Shawn Shepard
p: 770.998.0044
c: 678.736.0686
e: [email protected]

Be sure to tell Shawn you read about it on MDN! And be sure to check out the energyNOW! TV program—they maintain an archive of past episodes online: //