Road Weight Restrictions in Warren County, PA Affecting More than Just Marcellus Drilling Companies

New weight restrictions for trucks on roads in Warren County, PA aimed at making Marcellus Shale drillers pay are having unintended consequences for other trucking operators in the county.

William Southwell of William Southwell and Son Oil in Warren said the 10-ton limits put a hardship on everyone. In addition to oil trucks, he said his business routinely hauls in excess of 10 tons when moving drilling rigs.

Clark’s Veneer Logging Owner Clark Waite said he will now have to bond with the state for the roads his company uses.

Prior to being loaded, Waite said his trucks weigh 33,000 pounds and would already exceed the limits. While carrying a load, he said they can haul up to 73,000 pounds.

Compared to fire trucks, school buses and milk trucks, Waite said his logging trucks do not cause more damage. A notice from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation stated school buses and local delivery trucks would be exempt from the restrictions.

"Now it’s going to cost us more money," Waite said. "If we try to reroute the trucks, the costs of shipping increase."

In addition to those in his industry, Waite said the new rules would also hurt farmers. They rely on feed trucks, he said, which can exceed the weight limit.

*Warren Times Observer (Jun 29, 2011) – New weight limits costly say some local haulers