Altoona Water Authority Expands Sale of Treated Wastewater to Marcellus Drillers in PA

The Altoona [PA] Water Authority is looking to expand its program to sell treated sewage wastewater to Marcellus drillers in central PA.

For the second time, the Altoona Water Authority is advertising for proposals for a site in Pinecroft, where it can set up its second permanent water station to serve Marcellus Shale drilling customers.

The authority has operated a station at Margaret Avenue and 19th Street in the city since the spring.

At its most recent meeting, the authority rejected two bids received from an earlier request for proposals for a Pinecroft site, because neither was suitable.

The authority wants to set up a site at Pinecroft to provide treated water to Pennsylvania General Energy of Warren, which has been drilling wells in Todd Township, Huntingdon County, in the Broad Top area – and any other company that would find it convenient to obtain water there.

It has been providing water to Pennsylvania General in recent weeks from a temporary station at the Bellwood Reservoir treatment plant, authority General Manager Mark Perry said. The more permanent station has better access to Interstate 99 than the temporary one.*

How much does the Altoona Water Authority get for its treated wastewater?

The sale of water from the Margaret Avenue station, mainly to Chief Oil & Gas for wells at Blue Knob, has earned the authority $80,000, Perry said.

The authority sells water to drilling companies at the bulk rate, which varies between $4.30 and $5.30 per 1,000 gallons, Perry said.*

*The Altoona Mirror (Jul 28, 2011) – City water authority selling water for gas drilling