Civil Disobedience Training Camp at Keuka Lake, NY to Train Young People in How to Oppose Marcellus Drilling

As MDN has written before, the real, deep-down motivation for those who oppose drilling for natural gas in the Marcellus Shale is not really about chemical contamination of groundwater, noise, roads and the many other (often legitimate) concerns people have with drilling. At it’s core, this is a fight, a battle, about a philosophy. The philosophy driving opposition to drilling says, in essence, that all fossil fuels are bad, and even though natural gas may burn cleaner than coal and oil and produce less carbon, it still must be opposed because it’s not “sustainable” and if natural gas usage increases, it will delay the marvelous future that awaits us all with solar, wind power and other so-called alternative energy sources.

MDN readers are sometimes skeptical when I point out this philosophical motivation. Need more proof? Take a look at an email just received by MDN from an organization in New York called The Green Umbrella about an upcoming event that will train young people in non-violent civil disobedience so they can attempt to stop Marcellus drilling in New York State. The event page, linked to at the bottom of the email, lists Frack Action and Food & Water Watch as co-sponsors of this civil disobedience training event.

Email received from The Green Umbrella, July 18

NY Organizer and Action Training

The Fight is NOW. Ban Fracking. Get NY OFF Dirty Fuel.

Fri. 7/29 – Sun. 7/31/2011

Register Here

The movement to protect our air, water and communities from extractive industries is at a critical turning point. In New York state hydrofracking is fast approaching, and the time to act is now. 

The weekend will plug participants into upcoming actions to ban fracking and stand strong against all fossil fuel extraction. Workshops will include hands-on non-violent civil disobedience trainings and equip trainees with strategic organizing skills led by experienced trainers and organizers.

Trainings will be held on Saturday, July 30th and Sunday, July 31st at Jeff and Jodi Andrysick’s off-grid farm on the western slope of Keuka Lake. Participants will camp on site Saturday night, and are encouraged to arrive Friday evening for camping, films and networking. Registration fees are on a sliding scale ($10-$20) to cover event costs.

Register Here and check out the Facebook Event.

For more info, visit the Event Page

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