Canadians Establish New “Guiding Principles” for Fracking

Canadian natural gas producers recently announced new guiding principles (embedded below) for hydraulic fracturing that guide water management and improved water and fluids reporting practices for shale gas development in Canada. The principles were created by members of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) and apply to all CAPP natural gas producing members, large and small, operating in Canada.

“Protecting Canada’s water resources is fundamental to our social licence to operate and to grow,” said CAPP president Dave Collyer. “Canada’s upstream industry has a strong track record as a safe and reliable producer of natural gas. With the increase in natural gas production from unconventional sources such as shale, Canadians have told us they want more information as to how industry uses and protects water. We respect that request, and these CAPP principles articulate our water management objectives and water protection practices, as well as our focus on improving our water performance over time.”

CAPP’s guiding principles for hydraulic fracturing apply in all jurisdictions in which the upstream industry operates in Canada. They were created with the understanding that some provinces are working on regulation, and we expect the principles to complement potential future regulatory requirements.

*CAPP Press Release (Sep 8, 2011) – CAPP members establish new Guiding Principles for Hydraulic Fracturing