Ohio is Full Speed Ahead and Ready for Fracking

While some states are poking along (New York), and others have either outright banned or placed a temporary moratorium on hydraulic fracturing (NJ, NC), Ohio, under Gov. John Kasich, is moving forward quickly with Marcellus and Utica Shale gas drilling. Specifically, Ohio is full speed ahead with hydraulic fracturing.

Last week, Kasich shifted his state Department of Natural Resources chief, David Mustine, into a top leadership position with the governor’s private job-creation board. Mustine’s new charge: lead the way on shale exploration and economic activity around Marcellus and Utica shale formations in Ohio.

Mustine said Friday that he foresees direct capital investment, workforce development efforts and spin-off investment in companies attracted to Ohio by a cheap energy supply.

"We are going to be interacting with businesses about why Ohio is a great place to locate and concentrate on winning those jobs for Ohio," Mustine said.

Despite the misgivings of top officials in other states, Mustine said he is "comfortable" with horizontal fracking given the process is similar to vertical fracking, which has been done for decades in Ohio.

"It’s an activity that is proven in this state, and we have solid regulations in place," said Mustine, a former executive at American Electric Power who worked as a director of an oil and gas services business in Dubai. "We feel like we are ready."*

*Cleveland The Plain Dealer (Sep 11, 2011) – Ohio moves ahead with shale exploration while other states take a break