Drilling Problems in Wetzel County, WV

When drilling is concentrated in one area, some problems are bound to crop up.

"We lived a very peaceful existence until this drilling came along," said [Rose] Baker, a member of the Wetzel County (WV) Action Group, which documents drilling and fracking-related problems in that county. "I had a very serene life."

According to Baker, she has 38 well pads within a 5-mile radius of her property, along with three compressor stations and pipelines. She said the drilling activity has been a life-changing experience.*

Ms. Baker said large trucks driving on narrow roads kicking up dust and fumes and the constant noise from compressor plant engines are some of the problems she and others have encountered in Wetzel County.

MDN’s view: We can’t gloss over the fact there are some problems when it comes to drilling. Many of these issues will disappear once the active drilling phase is over. However, that phase can take some time, especially as more land becomes available for leasing and drilling and new layers of shale are targeted. In the meantime, the drilling industry and local municipalities should work together to try and minimize the impact as much as possible.

*The Intelligencer/Wheeling News (Oct 12, 2011) – Residents Meet to Discuss Concerns About Drilling