Ohio Democrats Want to Ban Shale Gas Drilling

While it would be unfair to say that support or opposition to shale gas drilling breaks strictly along political party lines, it is not unfair to point out this observation: Those who oppose drilling are mostly Democrats, while those who support drilling are mostly Republican. MDN has seen it again and again in public opinion polling data, and in news stories. Here’s the latest news story, this one from Ohio, which further supports MDN’s observation:

Ohio Democrats are continuing their push for a temporary ban on a drilling technique that injects chemicals into shale to release natural gas.

State Reps. Denise Driehaus and Tracy Maxwell Heard will sponsor a bill that would halt the practice, referred to as fracking, until the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency completes a study of potential hazards. Another House bill would require public reporting of chemical use and disposal in the process.

Both measures mirror legislation already introduced in the Senate. Ohio would join New Jersey and some New York municipalities if it imposes a ban over the fuel-rich Marcellus shale that lies beneath parts of several states.

Calls for drilling bans in West Virginia and Michigan have been unsuccessful. Ohio Republicans controlling both legislative chambers have approved bills expanding drilling opportunities.*

*WFMJ TV/AP (Accessed Oct 13, 2011) – Ohio Dems continue push to ban drilling technique