Correction: Exxon Buys 25K Acres of Utica Shale Leases in OH

Two days ago MDN reported, based on copies of paperwork filed with Monroe County, Ohio, that Exxon Mobil via its subsidiary XTO Energy had acquired 13,200 acres of Utica Shale gas leases from Beck Energy (see this MDN story). It turns out there’s more to the story.

MDN received a copy of an additional purchase agreement between Beck and Exxon for another 7,627 acres, for a total deal between the two companies of 20,827 acres of leases in Monroe County. The new/second agreement appears to be property held by Beck with delayed rental payments—that is, property where there is currently no active drilling.

But wait, there’s more! The day before the Beck/Exxon deal, Exxon purchased 4,229 acres of Utica Shale leases from Wellington Resources. So Exxon’s total recent purchases (at least until more documents turn up) stands at 25,056 acres—nearly twice the originally reported number. Copies for the three deals (two from Beck, one from Wellington) are embedded below showing all of the parcels involved, with lists at the end showing township and landowner names.

Breaking it down by township, we get:

Township #Acres
Adams 809
Benton 3,948
Bethel 120
Center 6,495
Franklin 1,115
Green 4,330
Jackson 1,338
Lee 134
Malaga 556
Perry 2,915
Salem 175
Seneca 100
Summit 116
Sunsbury 347
Washington 1,487
Wayne 1,071
Total 25,056

What does it mean? Exxon is serious about the Utica Shale in Ohio.