Details on Proposed LNG Export Facility in Texas

More details have become known about a proposed new liquefied natural gas (LNG) exporting facility to be built by Gulf Coast LNG Export. The facility, if approved by the U.S. Department of Energy, would be the country’s largest LNG exporting facility, exporting some 2.8 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day to other countries.

A company that wants to build the largest facility in the nation to export American natural gas has revealed more details about its plans in a new filing with the Department of Energy.

Gulf Coast LNG Export LLC, which wants to send 2.8 billion cubic feet of liquefied natural gas a day overseas, disclosed that Michael S. Smith is a 97 percent owner and that its proposed export terminal would be located in Brownsville, Texas.

As first reported in the Tribune-Review on Dec. 28, Gulf Coast LNG Export plans to sell natural gas to any country willing to buy it and not specifically on a U.S. black list.

At that time, the DOE declined to release details about Gulf Coast LNG, saying its export application was incomplete and needed clarification.

Smith is also founder and the current CEO of Freeport LNG Development, L.P., which also wants to export a total 2.8 billion cubic feet of liquefied natural gas per day from a Texas terminal. Smith was the founder and former chairman of Basin Exploration Co.*

*Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (Jan 18, 2012) – Gulf Coast LNG owner banks on Department of Energy approvals

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  • Thomas Pritchard

    So what does liquifying natural gas and exporting it to the world market have to do with domestic energy security?

  • Anonymous

    Well, lets see, the Anti’s now that they know they lost the war are turning around and saying”Hey man, since we cant stop you from getting all that NG, and we now know there is a surplus of the stuff, why don’t we use it here? Great question!! Answer,  in the long drawn out fight by the Anti’s to stop the energy boom ( lawsuits, striking, blocking  new energy legislation, blocking pipeline construction etc.) that WILL take place in this country in the next 10 years, Europe/Asia has opened there market for business and will buy up everything we produce at quadruple the price we would pay here for it. SO, now that the Anti’s can see that they can reap a huge reward by driving an NG vehicle and/or heat their homes with NG, at a huge savings that JUST NOW appeals to them. Problem is right now there is a major surplus and they must ship it to stay afloat. If the USA and the Anti’s woke up a few years back, and we started the process of transferring vehicles over to NG, reworking many Gas stations to pump NG and reworking our homes heating systems to accommodate NG we would be using that surplus, now!!. As always we are late to get in the game of change that Asia/Europe have known and geared up for years ago.We are a spoiled country, that always fights progress and change first, then when it is finally  accepted ,want it NOW. Our country has been depressed for over 5 years, the answer to our problem has been right there in front of our faces, yet the wealthy few who make the calls, stalled the process from moving forward( Ex(NY Gov. Cuomo) and continue to do so. This country will wake up one day and realize that we,many years ago, were the leaders. We are now the followers, and we will continue to pay the economic price for not being on top of our game.This is one of them, we are still attached to the OPEC machine that pays politicians off to hold off legislation that would rid ourselves of the” World” market of the great OIL machine. So, really why did Obama, stop the pipeline a few months ago? simple answer, OPEC MONEY for his campaign. That is why Washington is killing this country. The simple process of passing homeland energy bills is constantly being blocked by greedy politicians looking after themselves , not you or I. But the winds of change are here, and the cat is out, there is no choice because US citizens know what we have here, and are saying WTF. Get it now Mr. Pritchard? Its time to get all out troops out, stop policing the world, and take care of our own. When that happens we may have a chance to rise back up and be the great country we once were. But its up to the few we put in office to make the right calls. Obama is not one of them.