Cabot Oil & Gas to Donate $2M to Build New Hospital in NE PA

Cabot Oil & Gas is donating an initial $1 million to help build a new hospital in Montrose (Susquehanna County), PA. Not only will they donate $1 million now, but Cabot is trying to enlist other companies to donate and so will match any other donations and give up to an additional $1 million to the project. Cabot’s goal is to jumpstart the capital campaign with a total $3 million infusion—much needed for a project that is projected to cost $30 million total.

From the Cabot press release:

Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation today announced a substantial pledge of funds to the new hospital project being undertaken by the Endless Mountains Health System (EMHS). The Cabot / EMHS Community Match Fund will be launched with a $1 million check from the independent natural gas producer with operations in Susquehanna. The Cabot / EMHS Community Match Fund is structured to leverage additional dollars from other corporations, foundations and the community-at-large. The new fund will be administered by The Community Foundation of the Endless Mountains. Cabot will donate $1 million leadership gift on March 23, 2012 and will match all other donations to the new hospital up to an additional $1 million. The successful campaign will garner a full $3 million toward the new hospital project. The pledge from Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation represents the largest single private donation to the Endless Mountains Health Systems project to date. "Our company is gratified to be a leader in this project and to be advancing superior health care to our neighbors in the Northern Tier," said Dan O. Dinges, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer. "Similar to jobs and education, available health care helps define a community," Dinges said. "We want to make sure we are investing in all three. Cabot sees this new Match Fund as an excellent investment in our community. We plan to be a major partner on this new hospital project all the way through to completion."

The donations received through the Match will go directly to funding the construction of the physician’s clinic, which requires $5.2 million for completion. The goal is to have the clinic open with the new hospital; its groundbreaking was held last month on January 20th. It will have access to a multi-specialty physician suite, a six-bay emergency department with an airborne infection isolation room, cardiac/trauma room and a helipad. There will be an expanded operating room, additional exam rooms and increased number of beds. The new hospital will be located on land owned by EMHS in Bridgewater Township and will provide top of the line health care while creating jobs for the residents of Susquehanna County.

"A project of this magnitude requires strong public-private partnership to garner the necessary resources to make it all possible," according to Rex Catlin, EMHS Chief Executive Officer. "We are very fortunate to have Cabot so generously providing the leadership and the resources to encourage private investment in our new hospital. Now our medical staff and employees will be in a facility that mirrors their high quality. We are grateful to Cabot for moving us forward in such a significant way."

Cabot is planning a launch event for The Cabot / EMHS Community Match Fund on March 23, 2012 at The Community Foundation for the Endless Mountains. Hospital leaders, elected officials, business and community leaders and regional philanthropists will meet to discuss specific details of the new hospital project, the $1 million Cabot leadership gift and the overall timeline for The Cabot / EMHS Community Match Fund campaign.

Endless Mountains Health Systems is a not-for-profit corporation committed to the operation and development of a health system which provides optimum care within the scope of its abilities. The key elements in the EMHS process are quality, service, safety, cost, flexibility and access. EMHS is a licensed 21-bed acute care hospital, short procedure unit, emergency services, and various ancillary services typically associated with a medical facility. EMHS maintain physician offices, including various specialties on-site and have established a vast referral source for additional off-site specialties.*

*Cabot Oil & Gas (Feb 28, 2012) – Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation Announces Major Leadership Gift to Endless Mountains Health Systems

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    What? No comment on this one JW, mcbetsy, Binfranklin?

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    I knew it was coming. Just didn’t know when. You will see a lot more of this the less people whine although I’m pretty sure this was to hush people in light of their recent bad publicity.

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    Here is something I have always found amazing. Sportsmen are taxed on the equipment they buy, whether it be guns, ammo, fishing tackle, tents, etc. etc. The tax (Pittman Robertson act) goes into a general fund to help sustain lands throughout the country. Even Preserves where there is no hunting. With out the influx of these monies many of the places utilized by everyone (anti-hunter environuts alike) would be gone. Yet the anti’s want to stop the very activity that fuels their ability to enjoy these lands.
    Big oil has paid for more hospitals, schools, art museums etc. then one can care to imagine. The problem whith a liberals, socialists, or communists is they don’t realize that although it’s a great idea in the beginning, when the government runs out of others peoples money to take, you get Russia in the 80’s, Cuba, N. Korea, and Greece in the present day. How many hospitals are being built by Soros in Greece right now??? 

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     Like I have mentioned in many replies to the Anti’s/Liberals on this site,and will continue to do so , there is nothing perfect about drilling 1 mile under ground and accidents are going to happen. However, the positives that this industry brings far out weighs the negatives. I just pray that theses companies take every precaution and do everything humanly possible to protect the environment. There are billions of dollars at stake and they are under the microscope by the Media, Anti’s and the Government. This type of positive publicity shuts the Anti’s right up, they only like to roll in the negatives. I have not heard about the Sierra Club, or Greenpeace, or any other Liberal organization forking over millions for their communities. They are only interested in their “personal” agenda’s not about the good of all. They all have the I’m good with it as long as it is not in my backyard mentality, that is why they will lose in the end. That is also why they continue to feed the OPEC machine. I hope Gas goes to $10.00 per gallon. Then what?

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