Earthworks Admits Real Reason they Oppose Gas Drilling

Although MDN has long pointed out the ideological underpinnings in the opposition of drilling for shale gas, here is yet another brief moment of honesty from an anti-drilling group about their true motivation:

Burning natural gas adds far less of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide to the atmosphere than does burning coal, but many activists fear that cheap, abundant natural gas will out-compete the renewable energy sources—e.g., solar and wind—that they prefer. “Every dollar spent on new natural gas wells, pipelines, processing and infrastructure does not bring us closer to wind, solar, and energy efficiency," asserted Jennifer Krill, program director of the anti-mining Earthworks advocacy group last year. “Quite the opposite: It is taking us in the wrong direction by delaying the transition.”*

MDN is not saying that all people who oppose drilling are motivated by a slavishly blind faith to renewables, but clearly many of the large anti-drilling “movement” organizations, like Earthworks, are.

* (Feb 14, 2012) – 100 Years of Natural Gas