MDN Prediction of Gasland Deux is Spot On

Here’s an “I told you so.” Last week, MDN covered the story of the arrest of Gasland filmmaker Josh Fox at a Congressional hearing (see this MDN story). That episode gave rise to MDN’s weekly update this past Sunday, and the current MDN poll which asks if Gasland is truth or fiction.

In Sunday’s weekly update, MDN wrote:

There was plenty of press on hand to cover the hearing. Josh Fox, the filmmaker who created the “documentary” Gasland was there too. No doubt Josh needs some new footage for Gasland Deux.

And no lie, I’ll be hanged if that tongue-in-cheek comment was not prescient:

The arrest of a documentary filmmaker at Rep. Andy Harris’ hearing on hydraulic fracturing last week likely will become fodder for a movie.

Director Josh Fox said during an interview that he expects to feature his arrest in "Gasland II," a documentary on the fracking industry’s influence on Congress, due out sometime this summer. It’s the sequel to his Oscar-nominated documentary on the dangers of fracking, a process used to extract gas and oil from shale.*

So Josh’s arrest was intentional and staged after all. Figures. Lie-telling sells more movies than truth-telling.

*The Daily Times (Feb 8, 2012) – Harris hearing may end up in anti-fracking film