Sierra Club Files Objection to Cove Point LNG Export Facility

The Sierra Club continues to oppose clean-burning natural gas as a “dirty” fuel. Their latest attempt to force Americans to wean themselves from this nasty, dirty fuel is to oppose expansion of the Cove Point, Maryland liquefied natural gas export facility. Why? Because if cheap natural gas becomes even more popular than it is throughout the world, it will slow down adoption of the Sierra Club’s preferred energy sources, solar and wind.

"We don’t want to create a situation where there’s more demand for natural gas: more fracking, more shipping it, more pumping of it, all that," says Sierra Club Maryland volunteer Dave O’Leary. "This creates threats that put our water at risk and increases the impact on climate disruption."

That’s why the Sierra Club just filed the first formal objection with the Department of Energy against the export of domestic gas produced from hydraulic fracturing. This objection called Maryland’s export proposal an unwise plan which would make a dirty fuel even more dangerous.

"Liquefied natural gas is not only the dirtiest and most polluting form of gas, but it also requires an increase in fracking; a process we know to be unsafe and dangerous," said Deb Nardone, Director of Sierra Club’s Natural Gas Reform Campaign. "The industry is pushing forward with these export facilities with their profits in mind, not the families who will bear the burden of increased fracking."

* (Feb 15, 2012) – Stopping Liquid Natural Gas Port in Maryland a Blow Against Fracking in the Marcellus Shale, Too

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what kind of cars Sierra Club Dave O’Leary and Deb Nardone drive to their green meetings every month. I also wonder how they heat their homes too. Ooooh, Dave,Deb ,news flash, profits are what runs this country,and you both are feeding the machine!! it keeps your oil burning Subaru’s running and puts lots of money into OPEC’s Sheik Abdul’s pocket, and he laughs all the way to the bank, a truly hates all us Americans.Hope you feel better about pulling up to the next pump station knowing your sending money over there.I would like to know how much CO2 your emitting into MY air everyday.I understand it gets kinda cold in Maryland this time of year, betcha your cranking up the old Oil burner to stay nice and warm. get with the program dreamers, do you really want those wind mills all over the place? THEY ARE UGLY!!!! NG is the answer period.

  • Anonymous

    You’ll notice that the spokesman quoted is from Sierra Club Maryland. The national Sierra Club is not hostile to natural-gas development, but the state chapters evidently are free to go their separate ways. The Pennsylvania chapter is hostile, for example, and chapters other than these two may be also. 

  • Anonymous

    So are the NY chapters opposed. I have been to their meetings in Binghamton ( keeping my enemies closer) and they are doing everything possible to block drilling in NY.