Anti-Drilling Stupidity on Display for All to See

Once again, a shining example of the obtuse philosophy that drives the anti-drilling crowd, on full display in a commentary in (where else?) the Ithaca Journal. This particular commentary is on the high price of gas and why that’s really a good thing:

…unlike Obama or his Republican challengers, I want higher gas prices. At least for a while. Long enough for us to get the market signals right and to continue to wean ourselves off our fossil fuel addiction. The way I see it, every time we’ve been confronted by an energy crisis, Americans have done the right thing. Faced with the cold hard economic facts of life when it comes to oil availability and price, we’ve figured out for ourselves how to be innovative, resilient and sensible. Having plentiful cheap resources can make us wasteful; scarcity and high prices can make us smart.

If that’s what it takes, I’m all for it. And if it can drag business and the government along behind us, I’m for that, too.*

Yes indeed. You like to fill ‘er up at the gas station? You’re an addict! Using oil to heat your home? Nasty, filthy fossil fuel habit you have there. I know better than you, and you need to kick that habit. Cheap natural gas? Just makes us fat, dumb and lazy—and we certainly can’t have that.

MDN’s view: Such a philosophy is not only arrogant and elitist in the extreme, it’s just plain stupid. But that’s what we’re up against: stupidity. No recognition that plentiful, cheap energy is one of the key ingredients for the amazing country we have and the benefits it delivers to all of its citizens—the highest standard of living anywhere in the world. No thought that a free market economy will sort out the best energy solutions at the best cost at the best time.

No sir, let’s just throw it all away. Throw another cow pie on the fire to heat your home you unenlightened carbon addict. Better yet, just stop breathing so you don’t emit any carbon when you exhale either.

*Ithaca Journal (Mar 23, 2012) – Commentary: High gas prices? Bring ’em on!