Boone Pickens: Fracking’s Long History Proves it’s Safe

Speaking at last week’s Wall Street Journal ECO:nomics conference, Boone Pickens, chairman of BP Energy Management and a Texas oil billionaire going way back, says if you want to see whether or not hydraulic fracturing is safe, all you have to do is look where it’s been actively used, underneath aquifers, for decades:

If you want to see the effects of fracking, take a look at what’s happened in the Great Plains region, says noted oilman T. Boone Pickens.

Fracking already takes place in parts of Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas — some below the surface of the Ogalalla aquifer, the largest underground freshwater reservoir in the United States — Pickens says.

Pickens, the chairman of BP Energy Management, said in a meeting with reporters that there have been no problems with fracking under the Ogalalla aquifer and the water hasn’t been contaminated.

“Now, the stuff you’re hearing is mostly coming out of Pennsylvania,” Pickens said, referring to the Marcellus shale formation in the eastern part of the U.S. But he cautioned anyone examining the issue to look deeper.

“Go where the history is,” he said. “You can get so much history down here [in the Great Plains region] it’s incredible.”*

*Wall Street Journal MarketWatch (Mar 26, 2012) – Pickens: Look at history of fracking for guidance

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    The “new” fracking is different and uses much more water. You all need to STOP perpetuating that lie.

  • Anonymous

     Elio, Please provide facts to back up your assertion. Additionally, fracing is basically the same, just in a longer line.

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     Where’s your info to refute?

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     My comments are not showing up here.

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    Facts, 60% of all wells in the world use fracking.  Why is the world not falling apart? Like anything else, if its done correctly it works fine.  The drilling we are talking about is in wells 3000ft deep or more. The water we use is at 100 to300 ft.