CNG Filling Stations Coming to South Central PA

A story about two new compressed natural gas (CNG) filling stations planned for Adams and York counties in Pennsylvania gives us a glimpse at the beginning of something big—a massive conversion away from gasoline and to CNG vehicles.

Transportation officials are planning to build one fueling station in each county to supply natural gas to a fleet of public buses. By converting the buses to run off natural gas, officials expect to save more than $200,000 a year in fuel costs.

The stations, though, would also be open to the public, meaning motorists with converted cars could benefit from the cheap supply of natural gas.*

Although the transportation authorities will convert buses to run on CNG, it won’t happen “all at once” because of the expense:

Instead, as buses age they will be replaced with those capable of running off compressed natural gas.

It can cost nearly $20,000 to convert a large vehicle, such as a bus or tractor-trailer, according to Jeff Corcetti, owner of CNG Solutions LLC in Shippenville, located south of Erie. Most cars, though, can be converted to run off natural gas for $5,000 to $12,000, he said.

"It’s catching on like wildfire," he said. "We’re getting probably 20 calls a day. In five years it will be unbelievable."*

Why is it catching on like wildfire? Gasoline sits at around $4 per gallon, and the CNG equivalent is less than $2 per gallon. ‘Nuf said. Bring on the CNG filling stations.

*Norwich (NY) The Evening Sun (Apr 25, 2012) – Natural gas fueling stations coming to Adams, York counties

  • Anonymous

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