American Rivers Yearly Fundraiser/Most Endangered Rivers List

The anti-drilling American Rivers, an organization with a lofty Americana name but with a hard left environmentalist agenda, issues their “top 10” most endangered rivers list each year about this time. It’s an amusing exercise because the list rarely contains any of the same rivers on it from year to year. This year’s list is no different—and of course one of the targets of the list is shale gas drilling.

For example, last year’s number one most endangered river was the mighty Susquehanna River, which flows from Cooperstown, NY all the way to the Chesapeake Bay. In fact, last year’s American Rivers press release said the Susquehanna “is a victim of natural gas drilling and the environmental hazards associated with hydraulic fracturing.” Yes, I bet you didn’t know that rivers could be victims too.

Yet this year, the Susquehanna is nowhere to be found on the faux list of “endangered” rivers. But have no fear, or rather, have lots of fear, because the Hoback River (in Wyoming) and the Grand River (in Ohio) are both on the list, at numbers 5 and 6 respectively, because of, yes, natural gas extraction activities. The “Hoback River” and “Grand River” immediately spring to mind when considering the potential hazards of fracking, don’t they? Yeah, that’s what we thought.

In case you didn’t know, the American Rivers yearly list of most endangered rivers is a sick fundraising campaign they launch each year. Sick—and sleazy—because they want to scare entire communities and states into giving them money to “protect the rivers.” Save your money and your support for a real environmental organization.

And if you care (and want to waste your time as we did), you can read this year’s most endangered list of rivers here: