Folk Legend Peter Yarrow Joins Anti-Fracking Protest in NY

Peter Paul and MaryGuess who’s now on board the anti-drilling bus? Peter Yarrow, of the sixties folk singing group Peter, Paul and  Mary. Or as MDN editor Jim Willis used to call them back in the 1980s, “Peter, Paul and Commie.” Yeah, the singers of Puff the Magic Dragon have always been politically active—on the far left. In the 1980s they flew to Nicaragua to show their support for the brutal Socialist/Communist dictator Daniel Ortega. Why is it liberals love the commie dictators like Ortega and Castro? But we digress.

Peter Yarrow was protesting and singing outside the New York City office of Gov. Andrew Cuomo yesterday afternoon:

Peter Yarrow—of the famed sixties folk group Peter, Paul, and Mary—along with his daughter and toddler-aged granddaughter joined New Yorkers Against Fracking for a rally outside Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office in midtown New York Thursday afternoon.

“Do we need energy more than we need clean water and a livable future for our children?” asked Yarrow as his granddaughter and her friends waved a banner reading, "Don’t frack with our future" in front of Cuomo’s doors. The old folky then led approximately 200 activists in singing a rendition of the union song We Shall Not be Moved that included new lyrics, “Fracking is destructive, we shall not be moved.”*

Had MDN known of the protest, we would have bought a ticket to see Yarrow making a derrière of himself (yet again).

*New York Examiner (May 3, 2012) – Folk legend Peter Yarrow joins activists calling for fracking ban