Alec Baldwin Takes Aim at Fracking in Syracuse Appearance

Alec BaldwinOn Saturday night, a B-list actor with anger management issues (who used to be A-list), Alec Baldwin, was joined by one-trick pony Josh Fox to show Josh’s masterful propaganda film, Gasland, to a small gathering at the Landmark Theatre in Syracuse, NY.

Alec has found yet another cause célèbre—defeat fracking in New York. (Oh, and Alec’s mom lives in Syracuse, so that’s why he was really in town.)

"In New York right now, the governor and legislature are talking jobs, jobs, jobs and they are going to come here and decimate this area and a lot of the money is going to leave this area," said Baldwin.*

Baldwin and Fox were there to try and scare uninformed people about the so-called dangers of fracking and the so-called environmental nightmare it’s been “in other places.” And according to Fox, it will destroy sustainable nirvana if we start fracking in New York. Er um, yeah, right.

"Everything about the character of New York State says we’ve got 100 years of sustainable development in the state. This would smash that history. We’re not talking about one well, we’re talking about 50,000 to 100,000 wells and it’s a very bad deal," said Fox, director of "Gasland."

A truly ignorant college professor from Ithaca joined Baldwin and Fox, proclaiming that fracking will poison our water supply (even though it hasn’t everywhere else it’s been done):

"Are we going to kill more people by fracking than we employ? That’s a question the governor needs to answer before we roll this out," said ecologist Sandra Steingraber of Ithaca College.

And this intellectually hefty observation from Baldwin:

"They’re going to raise the price of gas through their market manipulation and then they are going to start selling this stuff overseas, this is not going to lower the cost of energy in the long term," said Baldwin.*

Now was it Gasland that was appearing at the Landmark on Saturday night? Or The Three Stooges?

*WHAM-13 ABC (Jun 3, 2012) – Alec Baldwin Takes on Hyrdrofracking in Syracuse Visit