Washington DC: Ingraffea Discloses Real Reason He’s Anti-Fracking

Sensing “the end is near” in New York, the anti-drilling movement dispatched one of their big guns, Cornell professor Tony Ingraffea, to Washington, D.C. yesterday to stir the scare-you-to-death pot with New York’s congressional delegation.

The end is near for anti-drillers if Gov. Andrew Cuomo moves forward with his unannounced/announced plan to allow limited hydraulic fracturing in five (the “Lucky Five”) counties in New York State, and then only in towns that really really want it. Anti-drillers are hyperventilating over that possibility—so it’s necessary to try and influence Congress to either pressure Cuomo or override him.

As with all of the anti-drillers who are part of the “movement” against fracking, Ingraffea, in his press conference, tipped his hand to the real reason they don’t want fracking: They hate fossil fuels. In his own words:

“Maybe your policy should be to slow down development of unconventional shale gas,” such as that extracted by fracking — hydraulic fracturing, Mr. Ingraffea told reporters at a press conference before his Capitol Hill briefing. “Along the way you have to figure out if you’re going to reduce fossil fuel use.”*

MDN is not sure how many times we have to say this, SCREAM this, so people will pay attention and understand. The extreme left environmental movement is controlled by global warming zealots who believe all fossil fuels are evil and that we must immediately move to the renewable energy nirvana future—even if that means we go back to horse and buggy.

Well, horse and buggy or its equivalent (those ugly little golf carts people are now driving) for the hoi polloi. But not for the important folks like Al Gore and Tony Ingraffea who continue to jet around the world and ride in limousines so they can proclaim the polar ice caps are melting and that fracking will kill us all.

*Washington Times (Jun 25, 2012) – Researchers point to risks if New York OKs fracking