New Shale Wastewater Plant Planned for Mahoning County

ESI Enviro wants to build a new $5 million Utica and Marcellus Shale wastewater treatment facility in Campbell, Ohio, along the Mahoning River. The mayor of Campbell, Bill Vansuch, is in favor it. The city has been under water financially (in receivership) since 2004 and the revenue from the plant would be a big boost in revenue for the city.

Here’s the details:

An Independence waste water treatment company is interested in building a new facility in Campbell.

City officials said ESI Enviro is interested in building the plant at the 15-acre site along the Mahoning River that used to be home to the old Sheet and Tube Ore bridge.

Officials said if Enviro builds the plant there, it will not only help city coffers but breathe new life into an area that has been untouched since the steel mill days.

The company would filter water used in hydraulic fracturing. The plant would recycle the water and either send it back to the drilling industry or deposit it through a low-pressure injection well.

“It’s an ideal location,” said city councilman Bob Yankle. “It’s away from homes, it’s an industrial site area. And I think it’s a benefit for the city of Campbell.”

ESI Enviro can only build on the surface on a certain portion of the property, but they can build the injection wells next to it.

Yankle said ESI’s wells are different that ones being blamed for last year’s earthquakes.

The total project is estimated at $5 million but it could generate much needed revenue for the city.

Mayor Bill Vansuch said any additional money will help the city emerge from fiscal emergency. A public hearing to explain the project to residents has been scheduled for 6 p.m. Wednesday.

“More than anything we all agree in a joint effort that we need the revenues,” Vansuch said. “We’ve been in receivership since 2004.”*

*Youngstown (OH) WKBN-TV (Nov 8, 2012) – Waste Water Plant Looking to Build in Campbell