Senate Confirms MIT Prof Moniz as Energy Secretary, Antis Mad

The U.S. Senate last week confirmed the appointment of Ernest “Hair” Moniz to be the new Secretary of Energy. You know why we affectionately call him “Hair” if you’ve seen a picture of him. Make no mistake–Moniz is a liberal Democrat and tilts left in many things. However, he’s probably the best candidate we could have hoped for in the tragedy called the Obama administration.

Dr. Moniz is a really smart guy–like Albert Einstein smart. He’s also a realist when it comes to natural gas–he believes it’s a good bridge fuel for the next 50 years or so, until we reach renewable nirvana. In other words, he speaks the truth and he speaks his mind. Of course, the nutty anti-drillers don’t like it and are bellyaching about his confirmation…

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