EPA Abandons Pavillion, Can’t Prove Fracking/Water Contamination

throw in the towelThe federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been desperate to make a connection between fracking and groundwater contamination from chemicals and thought they had a winner in Pavillion, Wyoming (see EPA Keeps Investigating Fracking/Water Contamination in WY). Don’t tell Josh Fox of Gasland and Gasland 2 infamy (who prominently featured Pavillion in both his movies), but yesterday the EPA announced they’ve thrown in the towel and given up on trying to prove a fracking/water contamination connection in Pavillion. It is a tacit admission they screwed up in their testing, as maintained all along by the American Petroleum Institute (see API Says EPA Botched Pavillion, WY Fracking Tests).

The EPA now says, essentially: “We’ll let Wyoming take over the investigation so its done right.” No doubt EPA’s decision to abandon Pavillion will provide the tinfoil hat brigade with lots of fodder for how “big oil and gas” has infiltrated and corrupted the activist Obama EPA. Here’s the full EPA statement issued yesterday:

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