Cows Belch Methane Like a Fire Breathing Dragon!

Anti-frackers are anti-frackers mostly because they hate fossil fuels. Natural gas, i.e. “methane,”  is one of those evil, dirty fossil fuels. It’s a philosophical thing for anti-frackers. Methane from the ground is non-renewable, ya know–and we just can’t have that! Call it being energy prejudiced.

Now comes word that–unbelievably–cows also emit methane, and a lot of it. No, not from that end silly–they emit methane from burping! Cows emit something like 250-300 liters per day of methane from belching. Each cow is a mini-environmental disaster. Who knew that cows were such rude, belching polluters? But have no fear–the Argentinians have figured out a way to capture all that burped methane and purify it for use by humans (and no, this is NOT a joke). MDN does wonder: Will this new revelation about methane from cow burps and the ability to harness it spawn a new anti-burping movement? Anti-frackers might now become anti-burpers…

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