Handy New Webpage for Locating Marcellus Industry Jobs

The Marcellus Shale Coalition is perhaps the premier organization of its kind–made up of drillers and associated supply chain companies from huge multi-national corporations down to local businesses with a handful of employees. Recently the MSC introduced a new webpage that at first glance may seem rather unremarkable–but to MDN it’s a big deal. Some smart person at the MSC said, “Hey, why don’t we list our member companies on a webpage, and link the company name to the jobs/career info on their respective websites?” Simple! And brilliant.

The MSC did just that, and result will save people who are looking for a job in the Marcellus Shale hours of time in their job search. Here’s the location of the MSC’s new “Find a Job” page, along with our analysis of what it is, and what it isn’t…

First, the address: //marcelluscoalition.org/job-portal/find-a-job/.

On that page MSC full members are listed down the left column. These are the big boys–drillers, midstream (pipeline) companies and utilities. Listed in the right column are “Associate” members–the supply chain companies. Some of them are also big, some are mid-sized, and some are small. All of them are heavily involved in the Marcellus Shale industry.

In a random sampling of clicking on the links, it appears to us that if a career or jobs page exists for that company, the MSC found it and links to it. However, if such a specially dedicated page does not exist for that company, the MSC will link to contact information–maybe an email or phone number or even a physical address where you can contact that company to see if there are any available job openings.

So what this new resource is, is a handy way to quickly locate any job postings that may exist. It does not, however, list the job postings on the MSC website. They figure (rightly) that any such information would change so quickly as to make it next to impossible for the MSC to keep up. Better to simply link to the information on company sites and rely on companies to keep their own job postings updated.

By using this new resource, those who want a job in the Marcellus industry can know a) the main players, those who are serious, about the Marcellus industry, and b) the exact right place where they can find out possibly what openings exist, and more importantly who to contact about potential job openings.

MDN’s best advice: If you’re not on LinkedIn, create an account. If you have a LinkedIn account, link to MDN editor James Allen Willis. Leverage my list of linked contacts to give you visibility into the Marcellus and Utica Shale industry. Your best way of landing a new job–in any industry–is through personal contacts.

A big hat tip to the MSC for pointing job seekers in the right direction with this new webpage!