ShaleNavigator Online Mapping Launches “Pro Plus” Subscription

Our buddy Ed Camp today announced a new service/product bundle for his excellent ShaleNavigator online mapping service. For those who don’t know, ShaleNavigator is a web-based mapping software that displays information specific to the leasing and development of shale plays in the United States, with particular focus on Marcellus and Utica development. Other U.S. Shale plays are available as well within the interface. MDN uses ShaleNavigator to create the awesome maps that are the heart and soul of our Marcellus and Utica Shale Databook series.

Ed announced today that the ShaleNavigator service now has a “Pro Plus” subscription level that allows up to 100 property reports to be generated per month. Check out the press release below for details, and for a link that will let you trial ShaleNavigator for 7 days. We encourage you to give ShaleNavigator a test drive over the holidays while you have time to check it out!…

ShaleNavigator, the web-based mapping solution for shale oil and gas information, has launched the Pro Plus subscription level to allow up to 100 Property Reports to be generated a month. The Property Reporting tool allows users to enter a street address or coordinates and generate a detailed report on wells, well permits, pipelines, and lease offers surrounding user defined locations.

“The Report Generation feature combined with the powerful mapping system has been very effective at enabling Pro Version Subscribers to stay current with fast-moving developments in the Marcellus and Utica shale plays that affect their property, property group, or Company’s position within the Shale Gas landscapes,” said Edward Camp, developer of ShaleNavigator. “Adding the Pro Plus subscription level will help subscribers quickly evaluate current development in their areas of interest, and is a major milestone in our efforts to meet the expanding needs of our customer base.”

Accessing ShaleNavigator
A free 7 day trial account is available by signing up at // Pro Plus Subscriptions, which include 100 Property Reports per month, are available for only $199/month, or $1,999 for an entire year. Enterprise discounts are also available.*

*ShaleNavigator (Dec 24, 2013) – ShaleNavigator Launches New Pro Plus Subscription Level in Shale Oil & Gas Mapping Software