Social Media Comes to Shale Plays, Including the Marcellus/Utica

The shale energy industry is getting its own Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn platform–all rolled into one. Not long ago MDN was tapped on the shoulder by the folks at, an online community of oil & gas professionals interested in connecting with colleagues. The shale social media site is only a few months old but has already taken off and attracted something like 30,000 active users–which is an astonishing feat in our industry! is founded by the same people who founded (and later sold)–so the people behind it have energy chops and know their way around a drilling rig.

Below is information about–what it is and what it does. MDN encourages you to check it out and consider joining. We did!…

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have changed how people interact, connect, and share online.  Now a new social media and professional networking platform developed just for oil and gas folks is catching on in shales all across the US. 

At, a new community of oil and gas professionals is growing at an unprecedented pace.  The website launched only three months ago, yet about 30,000 members from all across the energy business have already joined.

Oilpro delivers unique and innovative features created just for oil and gas professionals.  For example, any member can ask a question about an issue they’ve encountered in the field.  These questions will then be seen by an engineer or rig hand that has faced a similar situation and can provide an answer.

Members can also write “posts” (blogs or articles) that are featured in a daily newsletter and on the home page.  And, the website has alumni pages for field equipment (like land drilling rigs) and projects (like the Marcellus Shale) where members can connect with what they’ve worked on, post updates, and find old colleagues.

David Kent, the co-founder and visionary behind Oilpro, said, “Oilpro was created for folks that carry out oil and gas activities in basins like the Marcellus Shale.  We set out to create a tool they can use to share their knowledge with others, learn new things about the business, and connect with folks they’ve worked with in the past.”

The website’s development team has been encouraged by the community’s activity on the site.  David Kent said, “With the growth of the community has come more member participation.  Over the past few weeks, we had many days wherein every article we featured on Oilpro was a post created by an Oilpro member.”

Just as Facebook and Twitter changed how people share personal news, is empowering oil and gas professionals to share and learn about their industry in new ways.