Another Flawed Fracking/Health Study Emerges…from Economics Conf

Do they never tire of this crap? Apparently no. We have yet another “study” on how fracking kills people. The latest one comes from an economics conference (yeah, figure that one out). The so-called “research” (not yet peer-reviewed and not yet posted anywhere so it can be evaluated) was shared, or rumored to have been shared, at the annual meeting of the American Economic Association in Philadelphia. The rumored-not-yet-published study claims babies born close to shale drilling sites have an increased chance of being born with low birth weight–a 3.4% increased chance.

Blow the horns! Wail and gnash teeth! Fracking kills! Well, it doesn’t kill, but a few “researchers” claim it maybe/might/could cause a few babies to have to put on some extra weight. But that’s not the narrative that will emerge. The narrative is that fracking kills, so let’s say it over and over as a mantra. Everyone ready? Let’s begin…

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