EPA Chief McCarthy Tells NRDC States Have Lead Role in Fracking

Generally, Gina McCarthy, administrator of the federal Environmental Protection Agency, is ready to poke her nose into fracking whenever and wherever she wants. Apparently she doesn’t want to–at least for now. McCarthy has dialed back her fervor on regulating fracking and (lately) has been deferential to state regulators. That doesn’t sit well with unreasonable so-called environmentalist groups like the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC). In responding to a letter from the NRDC, McCarthy said, to her credit, that the states have the key/lead role in investigating concerns about fracking and potential pollution. That went over like a lead balloon at the NRDC.

The NRDC, and other so-called environmentalist groups, want all oil and gas regulation under the thumb of the feds. They don’t like having to deal with that messy thing called the U.S. Constitution which says oil and gas regulation comes under the purview of the individual states. Statists don’t like that particular inconvenient truth and were hoping an Obama acolyte like McCarthy would be more statist in her approach, assuming authority not granted her under the Constitution. For now (thankfully) the EPA under McCarthy is stepping back from a more active role. At least until their “study” of fracking is completed sometime this year…

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