NJ Natgas Customers Get 24% Reduction on Their Bill

An irony of ironies…The anti-drilling lobby in New Jersey is very strong. Even though there’s no recoverable Marcellus Shale gas in NJ, so-called environmentalists continually agitate for a statewide ban on fracking. A number of them also cross the border to make trouble in PA too, showing up for protest rallies. Even though they hate natural gas that comes from fracked Marcellus Shale–the very same protesters burn it to heat their homes and cook their meals. Some of them even use it to power natural gas vehicles.

So it strikes us as a tad ironic that those same anti-drillers will see yet another huge rebate on their next gas bill from Public Service Electric & Gas (PSE&G), NJ’s largest gas and electric utility. Why? Because PSE&G has been wisely buying cheap Marcellus Shale gas produced in PA, and by law they have to pass along the savings to their customers. So in February their bills will be chopped by 24%, thanks to the same Marcellus gas groups like the Sierra Club are protesting…

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