Anti-Drilling Site Daily Kos Runs Keystone Pipeline Ad [Screen Shot]

Our daily trawl of the news takes us far and wide. Every day MDN editor Jim Willis wades through the mental equivalent of manure up to his neck–so you don’t have to. Sometimes it takes him to the far-out, left of Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un website, The Daily Kos. If an article appears on Daily Kos, you know it’s a) false, b) wacko, and c) anti-drilling. We usually skip on by such articles in an effort to control our blood pressure.

But what’s this? It seems Daily Kos has no problems running ads for evil “big oil & gas” companies. We thought it funny when we started to read yet another rant on Kos and spotted an ad from TransCanada for the Keystone Pipeline, right there on the Kos website (see it below). We guess Kos has no problem making money from those nasty, horrible “big oil” companies they love to rail against so much…

Below is a screen shot of the Kos website taken on February 13 as we were reading yet another conspiracy theory story about the soon-to-be-built (and fabulous) LNG export facility in Cove Point, MD (save your time and skip the idiotic rant story):

Daily Kos Runs Keystone Pipeline Ad