New England Pipeline May Reverse Flow & Pump Marcellus Gas

If there’s a silver lining to the misery of this long, cold, hard winter, it’s that the energy shortage this winter has precipitated an attitude change in New England–a place with a dearth of natural gas even though there’s plenty to be had. Gone are the snotty, haughty attitudes of anti-fracking New Englanders that they don’t want any of that filthy, nasty, fracked natural gas. Not only do they now want it, they can’t get it fast enough because of price spikes up to 10 times the norm. That’ll grab your attention. Maybe fracking ain’t so bad after all, eh?

The latest about face comes from the State of Maine. They need more natural gas and they need it bad. There’s a pipeline that comes down from Nova Scotia into Maine that’s supposed to carry natural gas produced offshore. Problem is, the offshore wells aren’t producing all that much and the pipeline isn’t delivering all that much. So there’s now talk that Spectra Energy, owner of the Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline, is willing to reverse the flow (which takes equipment and time) so that the pipeline will be bi-directional and can begin to carry cheap Marcellus Shale gas from PA up into Maine. We’re trying not to dance up and down and yell “Love it! Told’ya so!” Well, maybe just a little jig…

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