EPA OIG Begins Project to “Evaluate” Water Threats from Fracking

MDN has warned you for years that the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has an earnest desire to take over (illegally, in our opinion) the role of regulating oil and gas drilling in this country. Regulation of oil and gas falls, Constitutionally, to the individual states–not the federal government. So meddling bureaucrats, like the EPA’s Office of Inspector General (OIG), have to use creative excuses to begin the process of a federal takeover–and they only have a few years left in Obama’s term to do it (we hope). What better excuse to use than fracking may, might, theoretically could, possibly, concerningly, disturbingly, maybe…threaten water supplies. And so of course the OIG needs to hurry up and take a look at that–before time runs out! It’s what comes after “taking a look” that concerns us.

Below is a memo from the Acting Administrator for Water saying she’s about to convene a project that will “determine and evaluate what regulatory authority is available to the EPA and states, identify potential threats to water resources from hydraulic fracturing, and evaluate the EPA’s and states’ responses to them.” Translation: We’re comin’ for ya states–and we’re really comin’ for you drillers. Hey OIG–your bosses in the EPA are already in the midst of a multi-year “study” of fracking with a final report due soon (see Big News: EPA Fracking Study Delayed 2 Years – Now Due 2016). Why do you need to meddle too? Here’s the OIG’s opening salvo in the fracking wars:

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