When Drilling Comes to Town, Property Values Go…UP, Not Down

When drilling comes to town, property values plummet–right? Wrong. The property value plummeting lie is told so often by anti-drillers that they’ve convinced themselves it’s actually true. So let’s take a look at property values in one of the most shale-drilled counties in West Virginia–Marshall County. Property values in Marshall County for the 2014 tax year have gone UP a total of $158.2 million. Huh. What about last year? In 2013 property values in Marshall County went UP by $605 million! Must be an anomaly. Go back another year. OK–property values in Marshall County in 2012 went UP by $335 million. The reason, according to county officials, is Marcellus Shale drilling.

Contrary to the popular anti-drilling lie, it seems when drilling comes to town, property values actually go UP, not down. We wonder how many other arguments anti-drillers spin where the truth is opposite of their claims? Here’s more on the good news of zooming property values in Marshall County, WV:

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