Who Wants to be a (Fracking) Millionaire?

Guilty admission: MDN editor Jim Willis quit watching television about four years ago. Completely. He occasionally watches an old episode of Star Trek Deep Space Nine, or an excellent mystery series like Foyle’s War (using Amazon Prime, no commercials!). He did break down and watch the not-Big Game this past Sunday night, the creaming of Peyton Manning and the Broncos (he was rooting for the Seahawks, but it was painful to watch nonetheless). He has no use for reality television series. He’s never watched an episode of Duck Dynasty or any of the myriad other so-called “reality” TV shows. He tried to watch Blood and Oil, a “reality” TV show about “big oil” companies coming to Ohio and bullying a small independent out of business. As he predicted, Blood and Oil didn’t even last a month (see Place Your Bets: Will ‘Blood and Oil’ TV Show Last a Month?).

So when Jim spotted the latest “brilliant” idea for a “reality” TV show, it was a “here we go again” reaction. The latest is that someone thinks getting some farmers “with big personalities” on television that became overnight millionaires from leasing their land for shale drilling. The proposed name for the series? Fracking Millionaires (how original and creative). While a serious treatment of that topic would make for interesting television, you can bet your royalty check this will not be a serious treatment but more of the freak show hucksterism we call reality TV…

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