America’s Cities Big Winners from Cheap Marcellus Shale Gas

Yesterday the U.S. Conference of Mayors released a new study from IHS that shows the positive impact inexpensive and abundant natural gas is having on the manufacturing sector. Titled “Impact of the Manufacturing Renaissance from Energy Intensive Sectors” (full copy embedded below), the report provides analysis and detailed data on the impact for jobs and the economy in 363 metro areas across the United States. Nine key sectors are analyzed, including: Basic organic chemicals; iron and steel mills; fabricated metals; machinery; nonmetallic minerals; resin, rubber and fiber; plastics and rubber; agricultural chemicals; and petroleum and coal products. According to the report, in 2011 and 2012, demand from the Marcellus and other growing shale plays for new pipelines and mining equipment ignited the nation’s steel, iron, fabricated metals, and machinery manufacturing industries. In U.S. metro areas, these sectors saw real sales and employment jump by 17% and 9.7%, respectively, during those years.

Through 2020, the report projects energy intensive manufacturing employment will expand by more than 1% annually nationwide, with 72% of those jobs coming in metro areas. That is, America’s cities are the beneficiaries, both economically and in job growth, because of cheap natgas. Below are the key findings of the report, followed by a full copy…

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