CNG Truck Fleets Now Mainstream? NY Company Buys 15 CNG Trucks

Is this a sign of things to come? The “received wisdom” has been that compressed natural gas (CNG) used to power cars and trucks is more hope and wishful thinking than it is reality. But maybe, just maybe, the tide as now turned and CNG is more reality than it is hope. Case in point: Trillium CNG, a subsidiary of Integrys Energy Group Inc., announced last September that it will build a new CNG fueling station next door to Willow Run Foods in Kirkwood, NY. Yes, Kirkwood, NY is in MDN’s own backyard! Willow Run Foods is a large packaged foods company that delivers food to fast food restaurants in 14 East Coast-area states.

With trucks running to 14 different states, some of which run on CNG, you have to ask–how will they get home? They’ll have to fill up somewhere. Which means there are enough CNG fueling depots scattered around, at least for some of their regular runs, that CNG will work. Oh, and diesel fuel right now (in the Binghamton area) is $4.37 per gallon. The equivalent CNG is $2.60–so you can see why Willow Run has invested in 15 CNG rigs.

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