Hocus Pocus Drilling Impacts Health Survey in Wheeling, WV

We spotted a mention that the Wheeling-Ohio County (WV) Health Department has launched a so-called health survey to measure the impacts of Marcellus Shale drilling on area residents. So we took a peek–and we were unimpressed. Survey respondents are asked to self-report (no verification) how they “feel” about their current aches and pains–essentially the common ailments everyone faces no matter where they live. Then they’re asked precisely two questions (that we can determine) that *may* be related to gas drilling: “Have you noticed any changes in road conditions in your region since 2010?” and “Do you work in the gas industry?”

We’re guessing this is the kind of survey where they try to assign blame for headaches, etc. on gas drilling based on your address or occupation. If the people living (or working) within 5 miles of drill site have a statistical 2% increase in headaches, voilĂ –it was gas drilling that caused it. Which of course is not science at. It’s statistical hocus pocus that proves nothing. It’s all self-reported for goodness sake! How long will this “survey” be live? Oh, a few years, until they can “prove” drilling is causing problems…

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