Obama Floats Plan to Save the Planet from Methane (Yawn)

The U.S. is on a mission to control methane because it’s a contributor to the mythical problem that the earth is warming too much–from man. Methane contributes to the so-called global warming problem, so the theory goes. And if we could just control it (i.e. use the heavy hand of government with it’s gun to your head), why, we’d stave off ecological Armageddon! At least until the next generation of deadbeats comes along. One problem–most methane released into the atmosphere comes from termites and cows–but The Great and Powerful Obama(oz) has a solution even for persnickety pests and bovines. We’ll just tax ’em.

Last week the “brain trust” at The White House released it’s government-has-all-the-answers-and-kiss-more-of-your-freedoms-goodbye solution for tackling methane emanations (see a copy of the new White House report on methane emissions embedded below). As you might guess, part of the “solution” is to have the EPA continue its rogue, out-of-control attempts at more regulation of the oil and gas industry–the very industry that is set up to capture as much methane as it can!…

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